My mustard recipe was handed down by my wonderful mother-in-law, Bert.

Mustard by Nathalie origins started out as a sauce for parties to enhance many appetizers. After a number of different trails, I found out this  sauce could be made into a mustard which I did in my kitchen.  My friends loved the unique taste and gave me ideas of how the mustard could be used with many different foods.


The number one helper in the kitchen was my dog, Winston a pug, who sat quietly waiting his turn to do the cleanup.  I think he liked it more than anyone.  He passed just before I got my food license and his image on the jar is my tribute to him.


Soon the requests for the mustard grew to where I needed to make the product in a commercial kitchen…. And grew to where now the mustard is being manufactured in a whole food certified facility.


Bon Appetit!


mustard tree
mustard seeds

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